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Tasty Tuesday: Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Cauliflower Bites


Over the weekend my brother gave me a recipe for these amazingly delicious cauliflower bites that he made when he was in school. Apparently during his life skills class they made all these different and easy recipes and this was one of the ones that he kept. And after trying this recipe myself I could see why he loved….and so I decided to share.The recipe is right off the Frank’s RedHot website recipe but I will be honest….I only had Texas Pete’s hot sauce and it was still really good. So if I were you I would just use your favorite bottle of hot sauce. Enjoy!!





Tasty Tuesday: Health Potato Skins


There used to be this show on Lifetime called Cook Yourself Thin and they had some really delicious recipes that were kind of healthy. This recipe comes from a cookbook that they put out and I promise you will not be disappointed. I personally use the microwave to bake my sweet potato but you can of course do it in the oven, I just like to save time where possible. Below you will find the Cook Yourself Thin recipe…enjoy 🙂

potato skin

Tasty Tuesday: Taco Pie


I am a sucker for easy dinner recipes and this one is so simple you can do it in your sleep…but of course I do NOT recommend that 🙂 . This is what I call taco pie but it may have another name. The easiest thing about this recipe is that you are using crescent rolls to make it instead of taco shells.  After the “pie” bakes I like to fill the center with my favorite taco fillings like lettuce, cheese, salsa etc so that when you cut into it you get a little of everything. Hope you enjoy it!

Taco pie

Tasty Tuesday: Coconut Curry Shrimp


So I love trying new recipes and have a secret obsession with cookbooks. Thank goodness for my kindle or I would have cook books everywhere! This delicious recipe comes from Ree Drummond and it is really delicious! I had no choice but to adapt the recipe when I found out I had no limes in the house. Below you will find a copy of her recipe minus the lime. I will admit that I added more Sriracha to the recipe because I like it spicy.  I also added cornstarch to the recipe just to thicken the sauce a little. I do not like my curry to be runny. I like it thick. So here is the recipe, but like I always say tweak it to your taste. Ultimately it is just a guideline. Oh and I served this over Jasmine rice and some veggies but you can do whatever you like. ~Enjoy and happy cooking~ 


Coconut curry shrimp

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