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Tasty Tuesday: Chocolate Icebox cake

icebox cake

I am apparently one of those people who have lived under a rock all my life. The first time I ever had icebox cake was 5 years ago when Chris gave me a piece and I fell in love. Of course I never attempted to make my own before because his mom always made it on the holidays so why make it? Well, Chris and I will celebrating holidays in our own place soon so it was time to learn how to make this. The first time I tried to make this I used instant pudding and while it was a tasty parfait it certainly could not be called a cake. So that is the most important part to this cake….use the pudding that you have to boil on the stove! Do not make the same mistake I did. Oh and tip #2 let it set overnight! So lets get to it! below you will find a picture of the recipe and if you click it then you will be able to print it out. Let me know how your icebox cake comes out 🙂

~Happy Caking 😉 ~

Chocolate Icebox cake recipe


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