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Tasty Tuesday: Coconut Curry Shrimp


So I love trying new recipes and have a secret obsession with cookbooks. Thank goodness for my kindle or I would have cook books everywhere! This delicious recipe comes from Ree Drummond and it is really delicious! I had no choice but to adapt the recipe when I found out I had no limes in the house. Below you will find a copy of her recipe minus the lime. I will admit that I added more Sriracha to the recipe because I like it spicy.  I also added cornstarch to the recipe just to thicken the sauce a little. I do not like my curry to be runny. I like it thick. So here is the recipe, but like I always say tweak it to your taste. Ultimately it is just a guideline. Oh and I served this over Jasmine rice and some veggies but you can do whatever you like. ~Enjoy and happy cooking~ 


Coconut curry shrimp

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