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Love Yourself


This picture says it all. Love yourself. Appreciate everything that makes you…You. You are amazing and you really need to start realizing that and believing it. You deserve to be happy. I love you guys and if you ever feel down, please feel free to message me. I will always respond.


You Have To Put Yourself First


Stress comes in all shapes an sizes and is different for everyone but it can lead to serious problems. Last week I was excited to start blogging consistently again, and then something happened. I was at work and got a call telling me to come down to the unit because my mom almost passed out (We both work at a nursing home). I ran down to the other unit and there she was sitting down while they checked her blood pressure and pulse. Her pressure was insanely high and her pulse was 190. If you don’t know, your pulse should never be that high if you are sitting down. So we then had to rush her to her doctor, get a bunch of tests, and new medicine.

The crazy thing is that this happened because my mom has been under a huge amount of stress. She kept that stress bottled up and then it exploded. It was very scary to and to her. She says she has learned from this and is going to start taking care of herself. You need to do the same. Stress can have serious consequences to your health and you owe it to yourself to take a break and forget about the stress for a moment. Go do something you like to do. Forgive yourself. Remember that no matter how hard things seem right now, it will get better. Just when you think the world is about to end remember that tomorrow already started in Australia. You don’t have to face everything alone. And if you feel that you do, just send me a message and we can talk by email.

There is nothing in the world that is more important than taking care of yourself and loving yourself. Yes, for some people you can say that your children are more important. Well, if that is true then that is even more reason to love and take care of yourself. If you want to be there for everyone else you must be there for yourself first. You can’t take on the world if you are stress, depressed, or sick. Please learn from what has happened to my mother, I hope she has learned too. My mother is one of my best friends and without her I would be lost. I am sure there is someone in your life that would say the same thing too. It is ok to put your health and well-being first. After that you can go ahead and try to save the world.

~You Are Worth It~

Bad Day? Start Over!


Have you ever had one of those days where you wish you just stayed in bed? They are the worst! They are full of stress, put you in a bad mood, and just ruins a perfectly good day. I have had plenty of those lately, mainly because I am getting closer to finishing school and getting my second degree. I have had days where I had so much work to do and was trying to do it all with little sleep. I’m sure someone out there knows that feeling. The thing is, no matter how bad the day starts out as, you can seriously make it better. Yes, there are some things that might be unavoidable but you really can turn your day around. Heck, it is your job to turn it around.

We only have a finite amount of time here on earth. It would be a shame to waste that time being stressed out, angry, or upset. When you start seeing that things are getting out of control and that you are feeling overwhelmed, just stop. Yes, you heard me. Stop. Take a moment to take a few deep breaths and step away from the situation. If you are able to, walk away for a little bit and gather yourself. This little break can really help you relax and refocus. If you are able to go do something else for a little bit. Do something that you enjoy. If you can’t, then just focus on your breathing and clear your mind. It will make all the difference. Once you take that little break from the drama and the stress you will see that things will run a little smoother.

You have the power to make your day better. Don’t allow the day to make you feel like you can’t even take a moment for yourself because you can.  You owe it to yourself. So the next time you feel overwhelmed just hit the pause button. Take a few breaths and restart your day. You will be amazed how much better the day becomes when you do this.

Stress and You

inspirational-quotes-102Stress can be caused by a million different things. It is different for everybody and what stresses one person might not stress another, but either way it is there. Sometimes we can create our own stress by thinking about something non stop and we might not even realize that we are doing it. The problem is that stress can have serious side effects! According to the American Heart Association stress can cause things like headaches, backaches, forgetfulness, anxiety, and anger to name a few things. And I don’t know about you but those things could cause me MORE stress. That is why you need to allow yourself to “unplug”.

By unplug I mean allowing yourself to focus on you. To turn off your cell phones and just allow yourself time to be alone and do something just for you. By taking out a little time for yourself you will be able to relax and calm down. There is no need to worry about everything nonstop. It will be there when you come back, but you need to give yourself a break. You need to go read, workout, play video games, or whatever else it is that you like to do.  By unplugging, you are breaking that stress cycle and giving your brain and body they time it needs to relax. So don’t think you are being selfish when you take time out for yourself, you deserve it! Your body deserves it. It is ok to take time out for yourself. It doesn’t make you a bad person, it just means that for once you are putting yourself and your health first. Seriously, you don’t always have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Just relax and take a break.

~You Are Worth It~

Don’t Ruin Your Day Because Of Your Past


You may have noticed that I went a week without posting anything and I apologize for that. Things got overwhelming and complicated so I wasn’t able to post. In fact, I found some time and am writing a few posts and setting them to release this week so that I don’t fall behind again in my writing. So today I want to talk about stress. We all have it, it isn’t the same for everyone, but we have all felt it in some way shape or form. For some people it is work, school, family, or something else like not being able to get that recipe just right. Either way it can really mess a person up. I have the unfortunate talent of being able to replay mistakes or situations over and over in my head so that they drive me crazy. I am getting better at shutting them off, but still it happens and it can sometimes be hard to shut off.

It is much easier to allow yourself to remember things that make you feel like crap instead of shutting them off. BUT that is actually a very bad thing to do. This is one of those things where you need to realize that you are doing it and force yourself to stop it. By thinking about past screw ups you will start to feel the emotions you did at that time. You may have felt dumb, worthless, or worse and reliving these moments in your head will bring those feelings back up. Trust me, I know this from experience and it can really ruin your day. Don’t do this to yourself! The experiences you have had cannot be erased, but this doesn’t mean you should keep reliving them. You have learned from your mistakes and you don’t need to feel worthless for making those mistakes. We all have something in our past we wish we could undo and if you don’t have one…..well you are lucky and possibly not human 🙂 But all jokes aside we have all made mistakes and that is OK.  Just don’t punish yourself for it.

Next time those negative thoughts start popping up in your head shut them off. Do not even allow yourself to entertain them even for a second! Take it a step further, and when you have a negative thought force yourself to remember a good one instead. Compliment yourself. Remind yourself of all the ways that you rock! Most of all remember to forgive yourself, because you are worth it.

~Don’t forget how amazing you are~

Things will work out

inspirational-quotes-0 I am having the worst look with my computer this week, but I did not want to leave you without a little something. If you feel like your are overwhelmed just remember that things will work out.

~Keep Moving Forward~

The picture says it all

love yourselfthe picture says it all 🙂


Stress….One Size Does Not Fit All

1sizeNo matter who you are and where you live you are going to experience some form of stress in your life. If you say you have never experienced stress then you have never had a test in school or driven to work being someone going 15 miles under the speed limit. Unfortunately stress is a part of life, but it is different for everyone. I have a dear friend who always laughs at me when I start worrying about exams and finding time to study. In her mind I always get good  grades so I really shouldn’t worry about it. What she doesn’t consider is that I only get those grades because of the color coded note cards that I make and obsess over until the time of the exam. Of course that is just her trying to be supportive in a way. The thing is, just because she doesn’t think it is important doesn’t mean that it isn’t important to me.

That is the thing about stress…it is different for everyone. What is stressful to me may not be stressful for you and vice versa. Stress can come in all shapes and sizes and the way we all deal with it needs to come in all shapes and sizes too. One of the best things to do (that I have preached a few times) is to find something that you love to do and do it. If you begin to feel overwhelmed then stop what you are doing for about 15-30 minutes minimum and do something else. When I am studying I take breaks, partially out of fear that my brain will explode, but either way there are breaks. I watch tv, workout, bake something, play Xbox, it doesn’t matter what it is really. The most important thing is that you take a little time away so that you can focus on doing something you enjoy.

Taking time for your self is not a bad thing. It is a very necessary thing to do. You need to realize that you need to take time for yourself, especially when you are starting to feel stressed out. This doesn’t make you selfish or a bad person, it just means that you want to make sure your head doesn’t explode. I mean that sounds pretty reasonable. But all jokes aside constant stress can have a serious impact on your health and well-being. It is something that being hate admitting that they have, but it is something that everyone will deal with. Again, it may take on different forms for everyone but it doesn’t make it any less stressful! So, the next time that you feel like the walls are closing in on you, just stop and take a deep breath, and go do something else for a little bit. Trust me, the problem will be waiting when you get back but it might seem less overwhelming.

~You Are Worth It~

Need A New Years Resolution? How About Love Yourself

Happy-New-Year-2015-Brand-New-WallpaperHappy 2015! It is the first day of a new year and a time where many people make “new years resolutions”. For some people that means going to the gym more, losing blah blah pounds, but how about doing something different this year? How about working on cutting yourself some slack? Come on say it with me “My New Years Resolution is to Love Myself a little more”. I am not insisting that you do not love yourself now, but I am trying to say that this year you should try to be kinder to yourself.

Instead of getting frustrated at yourself and being angry that you didn’t meet certain goals, just cut yourself some slack. You have a busy life and that “busy” might look a lot different from someone else’s “busy”, but it is busy none the less. You don’t have to agree to everything other people want you to do….again I said want not need. You need take time out for yourself and that should be a goal for this year. Whenever you feel frustrated or overwhelmed you need to step back, take a deep breath, and take a moment for yourself. Take some time out to read a favorite book, or bake a dessert, or do whatever it is that helps you relax.

You do not need to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders! This should be the year where you finally put yourself first. It doesn’t mean that you love everyone else any less…it just means that you loved yourself enough to say “I need some time for me”. Start doing this and you will see that things will start feeling a little better. You won’t feel as stressed and you will feel a lot happier.

Trust me, you are worth it.

Sometimes a Picture Says It All


~Keep Moving Forward~

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