Tasty Tuesday: Caribbean Butterscotch Cookies


Once you have a basic cookie recipe you pretty much can adapt it however you want. That is how I created this cookie recipe…and not to toot my own horn they are one of my favorites. One day I was looking through a cookie recipe book and saw what they called “island cookies” the name had me hooked. Then I saw that it was a chocolate chip cookie with walnuts…well that didn’t sound “island” like to me. What does remind me of the islands is coconut!  One of my favorite childhood memory was of my Abuela (grandmother) knocking down a coconut from the tree outside, cutting it open with a machete and letting me devour the tasty coconut.  Yes, my Abuela is pretty hardcore.

So anyway, I looked in my cabinet and low and behold some coconut flakes…and a new cookie was born. But I could not make a simple cookie made of coconut, I need something else that screamed “island” to me. So I landed on butterscotch. Why you ask? It’s just a weird psychological connection, don’t ask 🙂 So those two ingredients have allowed me to have my childhood in a cookie and it is delicious. Plus this cookie was taste tested and approved by my little brother, so I know they are good. He has already had about 5 of them and they were not even cooled fully.

The coconut is very subtle but if you wanted a stronger flavor, just roll the cookie in some additional coconut before baking.  This recipe make about 3 dozen cookies, but beware it is hard to eat just one. The full recipe is below in a jpeg so that it is easy to print. I didn’t include how to toast coconut flakes in the recipe but it is really easy. Just bake a small layer of coconut on a sheet pan for 6-8 minutes stirring them frequently. You need to keep an eye on them and make sure that they don’t burn. You just want them to look golden. NOT dark brown.

~Happy Baking~

Caribbean Butterscotch cookies


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