You Are More Than Enough…End Of Story

daily-motivation-25-photos-1614The holidays can be a very stressful time for some people. Instead of it being a time for happiness and fun, it can be a time where people can suddenly feel like every eye is on them. For some people being with family can mean insane judgement time, for example being asked why you are still not married or having a slight weight gain being brought up. Instead of being happy you may get the added stress of worrying what people may say about you.

I am lucky and am at a point in my life where things like this don’t happen or matter. The “why aren’t you married yet” or “I want grand kids” happens often, but I just give an honest answer…I don’t know if I want that. I am not even 30 yet (close but not yet), I am working on a second degree at my university, and just don’t know if I want all of that yet. Any either way I decide if and when any of that happens. And that is the point I want to try to make… it doesn’t matter what they think, only what YOU think or feel matter!

It honestly doesn’t matter what the topic is that is being discussed because it applies to everything. The way you look, feel, how much you weigh, if you want to have kids or not, no ones opinion about it matters! You should never feel bad because you are not meeting the standards of other people! You are special and unique. You do not have to meet the expectations of anyone but yourself. How can you make other people happy if you are not even comfortable in your own skin?

Yes, letting people down sucks…but not when it comes to you and your life. Of course, you need to be making good and healthy decisions but outside of that who cares? You have enough to deal with in your life. Do not let someone else make you feel like you are less just because. When someone makes any of these comments just smile and tell yourself “I am More than enough. I am Me!!!!” Even if you don’t believe it at first just keep saying it because eventually you will begin to believe it. And you know what? You really should believe it because it is true!

You are MORE than enough…end of story.


About Eunice

I like to joke that I am "a well of useless information" but for once I can share that information with people that might want to listen. I love trying new things and now I have an audience to share it with...hopefully. I hope you enjoy what you read :)

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