Start a Revolution by Loving Yourself and Being Different

As I randomly search the interwebs trying to give myself a break from the chaos I call life, I found this wonderful video. Apparently there are toys out there for girls that really promote being yourself instead of being another cookie cutter person. This little video is about fighting “Big Sister” and just was really cute. Never have I heard society’s “standard of beauty” referred to as Big Sister. Either way I hope you take a look at the video because being different is ok.

It is time that we start a revolution and tell society that we are tired of being told that we must fit their standard for beauty. We are all different and that is what makes us all beautiful. It is not what size you wear, the color of your skin, what style of clothes you wear, it is your individuality that makes you beautiful. Not everyone wants to be a Victoria’s Secret Model and that is ok. Heaven knows I don’t…I love cupcakes too much. What I do want to be is strong and healthy.

So anyway my point (if you can call random thoughts a “point”) is that we need to make our voices heard. We need to stop being ok with being told that the only thing that matters if the size of our waist. We need to do this not only for ourselves, but for other young girls who are starting to see these images of what is and is “not” beautiful. We need to make sure that we start changing the message. That we start fighting the “Big Sister” Machine on their behalf. We do not want another generation wishing that they had “the perfect body”, growing up is hard enough! If we don’t stand up for ourselves not only will we pay the price but so will the next generation. The movement has started Victoria’s Secret had to change their “Perfect Body” campaign because a petition went around forcing their absurd message to change! And you know what they listened! We don’t have to accept the message that is being forced on us. Am I saying riot in the streets? No 🙂 but I am saying that we don’t have to listen to that message, in fact we can change that message.

Most importantly of all….Never let anyone ever tell you that you are not wonderful! Remember there are billions of people in this world but none of them are you and that makes you amazing.


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