Exercise of The Week: Leg Lifts


This week we are going to focus on our core. I chose a simple exercise that you can do in the comfort of your own home which is always a plus. This exercise is called a leg lift. The name implies it all. No tricks, no equipment needed, it is simple and yet effective. You could easily to these as you watch your favorite shows like The Walking Dead. Yes, I love that show and it really pumps me up to workout…that and Doctor Who makes me want to run! Anyway back to the workout. How do you do these.

They are really simple. First you lay down on the floor face up with your hands out to the side. ( I recommend using a mat) Next you are going to bend your knees slightly and lift them off the ground. You should now look like A. Here comes the tricky part…Without arching your back at all (try pressing your lower back to the floor) Flex your core and lower your feet as close to the ground as possible without touching it. You should now look like B. Hold it for 5 seconds and then slowly bring them back up to starting position. That is one rep. Continue this for 2 sets of 10. That’s it! See that wasn’t so bad…well your abs may hate me but this is one of those love hate exercises.

Make it easier: If you are having a hard time with this exercise it is ok. Just bring your legs down as far as you can. You do not have to make it all the way to the ground. List to your body. As the exercise begins to get easier you can continue lowering your legs further down.

Make it harder: For those you who just love torturing yourselves use ankle weights. This will help you get more resistance and intensify this move.

Other Exercises:
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30 Day Fitness Challenges:
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About Eunice

I like to joke that I am "a well of useless information" but for once I can share that information with people that might want to listen. I love trying new things and now I have an audience to share it with...hopefully. I hope you enjoy what you read :)

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