Exercise of The Week: Skaters


Image by Beth Bischoff

Image by Beth Bischoff

So for the last 55 days I have been doing a lot of jumping up and down…I mean a lot.  I decided to attempt doing 12,000 jumping jacks in 60 days. That is 200 a day and during this time i got sick and couldn’t work out…so by the end there were days that I did 800 to catch up…long story short somehow I finished early and now feel that I could use a break from jumping jacks for a bit. Sooo this has brought on the desire to jump sideways instead…yes I am odd. That is where this lovely exercise comes in.

Skaters are a fun exercise that work your side muscles. For me since I am very uncoordinated it also seems to work my brain because I keep focusing on please don’t fall, please don’t fall. All jokes aside this exercise is pretty fun. So how do you do it? Start off with your legs shoulder width apart. Then cross your right leg behind your left leg, almost as if you are about to curtsy. Dip down a little bit and then hop to your right side. You should be landing on your right foot with your left leg behind your right foot. Move your arms at the same time so that you look like A (or as close to it as possible…I don’t look as graceful).  Without pausing jump to the opposite side, switching your arms and legs. You should now look like B. That is one rep. Do 2-3 sets of 10.

The most important thing about this move is to make sure that you do not take breaks between reps. You want to make sure that you keep a semi sooth movement when doing these. You want to focus on form and getting that heart rate up. But of course make sure you listen to your body! If you feel that you can not go that fast then don’t! Start off slow, speed will come with time. Just keep trying and keep moving forward.

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