Stressed? Think Happy Thoughts

keep-calm-and-think-happy-thoughts-9There could be a million different reasons why you are stressed, and a million reasons why you think things will never get better. The truth is that no matter how bad things seem now they will get better. You don’t even need to make a wish upon a star. You just need to take a deep breath and try to change the way you see things. Yes, I always mention taking a deep breath because it does make a difference. Taking a couple of minutes to pause and get you mind situated is a major victory in my mind. Once you do that you can take whatever steps you need to in order to overcome any obstacle. You are stronger than you give yourself credit for.

The problem is sometimes it is hard to get to a place  where you can believe that you can overcome. The voices in your head start yelling things like “this will never get better”, “you can’t make it”, “you can’t do this”, and my personal favorite “you don’t deserve any better than this”. well, I am here to tell you that those voices are liars!! Because in reality things will get better, you will make it, you can do it, and you absolutely deserve better. You just need to believe that you do.

That is what I want to touch on this week. Happy Thoughts! It is something that can make things feel better. Even the American Heart Association says that this could help deal with stress. Whenever you start feeling overwhelmed start speaking positively about the situation.  Saying positive things  like “I’ve got this” and “I am not letting this get me down” has been shown to help calm you down and control stress. It really does help!

Once I was playing Late Night Charades with Chris’ family and whenever I got a 20 word clue (they make their own and it gets very cutthroat) I would raise my hands, say “I’ve got this” and start acting out the clues. Did I really have it?….that is debatable, but it helped me to pretend I did. Eventually it has become one of my motivators when I come across any obstacle. And it really does calm me down and makes me feel a little better. Seriously, it is worth giving a it a try.

So the next time you start feeling down and overwhelmed give your self a little pep talk. It might seem silly at first but eventually you will feel better. And above all else remember that no matter how bad things feel now, they WILL get better.

~Keep Moving Forward~


About Eunice

I like to joke that I am "a well of useless information" but for once I can share that information with people that might want to listen. I love trying new things and now I have an audience to share it with...hopefully. I hope you enjoy what you read :)

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