Embrace Your Inner Glow Stick


Life lessons can be learned from the simplest of things. Take for example a glowstick…the only way it can truly shine is after it is broken. Now take a moment and really think about that. Here you have a pretty normal looking tube full of fluid. Nothing special really just a tube, but bend and crack it and it shines so bright. It isn’t until it is forced to that it shows the world what is really inside of it.

Ok so maybe I have this weird romanticized view about glowsticks but they really are just so neat. Not only that but I truly feel that it has a characteristic that many of us are trying to achieve… Grace under pressure. When we feel like our world is crumbling apart sometimes we just want to run and hide. But what we really want to do it stand up, brush off the crumbs, and keep moving forward. To achieve this we need to change our way of thinking. We need to take a deep breath, and embrace our inner glowstick.

Yes, the world may seem to be falling apart, but that does not mean you have to as well. Take a moment to take a deep breath, evaluate the situation, and prioritize. Whatever must be dealt with right away, you deal with first. Anything that does not need your immediate attention can be moved to the “to do later” list.  Remember, not everything is do  die. Take your time and move through it one by one.

Embrace the knowledge that although it may seem like the world is ending it in fact is not. You may be forced to bend. You make feel like you are going to crack and that your life is over, but it is not. The best is yet to come. Things will get better. Embrace your inner glowstick. Though you may feel bent and broken you can still shine.

~Things will get better~


About Eunice

I like to joke that I am "a well of useless information" but for once I can share that information with people that might want to listen. I love trying new things and now I have an audience to share it with...hopefully. I hope you enjoy what you read :)

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