Exercise of the week: Ax Chop

ax chop

This weeks exercise is the Ax Chop aka cross chop. This happens to be one of my favorite exercises to do during the commercials of The Walking Dead. Yes, I actually use the commercial breaks of this show to work out in a fashion that would help during the zombie Apocalypse. I am not a Nutter but I do like to make my tv watching work for me. (For Walking Dead Commercial workout click here). Anyway, this workout is great and can actually be fun if you get into it.

To do this exercise start with your feet a little wider than the width of your hips. If you like, you can hold a small dumbbell in your hands. Then you are going to bend your elbows and raise the dumbbell (or your clasped hands) up to your shoulder. You will rotate your torso and lift the left heel off the floor as if you were winding up to swing an ax (or swing a baseball bat for those of us who have never swung an ax in their life like me), you should look like A. 

Before you swing your “ax” make sure that you engage your abs. Now, rotate your torso to the left and lift your right heel to lower into what looks like a left lunge. Pretty much you are going through a movement simulating chopping something on the ground. You should look like B. If you are just starting out try doing only 10 reps before switching to the opposite side.

Make it easier: If you are uncomfortable using a dumbbell to begin with try just clasping your hands together instead of using a dumbbell. You must make sure you have proper form before you try to advance to heavier weights.

Make it Harder: As I mentioned above, you can do this exercise using a dumbbell or kettle bells. Start off with between 10-15lbs and once you feel comfortable you can increase the weight.

Bonus Challenge: Try this exercise during a commercial break but only doing 2 reps at a time on each side, then quickly switch to the other. Try seeing how fast you can do this exercise (make sure you have proper form), and if you can do it throughout the commercial. Trust me this can be really fun. I like doing this during walking dead commercials, because then you can pretend that you are fending off “walkers”. Make your workout fun!

~Happy Chopping! And as always make sure to listen to your body~

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