Lemon Lime Delight Cupcakes….Just in time for St. Patties Day



Printable recipe below

Pink lemonaid frosting move over it is time for Lemon Lime to shine! The frosting is made from the juice of real limes and lemons, do not make the mistake I did the first time I made this…only getting one of each. I was shocked at just how little juice you can get from one lemon/lime. I barely got 2 tsp from one, so make sure you atleast get 2 of each. The best part of this frosting (and all homemade frostings) is that you can really adjust it to the flavor you like. If you want more lemon flavor, then add more of the lemon and less of the lime and vice versa. This recipe is the outline and your taste buds will tell you exactly how it should taste. This frosting is a little tart just like a Pink Lemonaid frosting but tastes delicious over the top of a lemon cake. If you combine this frosting with your favorite Lemon cake box mix (mine is Duncan Hines Lemon Supreme) you get the perfect balance of weetness with a little tartness. To get the colors to really pop I added a few drops of yellow food color to to the cake batter, and added neon green food coloring to the frosting. If you want to take it a step further you can add shamrock sprinkles on the top or even go with a darker green frosting.

This recipe is really just the basic idea of how I did it. You will adjust the flavors to the way that you would prefer it. I personally prefered tasting more of the lime than the lemon so that it wasn’t just another lemonaid flavored frosting but really it is up to you. Like all basic butter cream recipes you use a stick of softened butter, powdered sugar milk and your extracts.  Make sure to add the lemon and lime slowly alternating the extract and the powdered sugar so that you can get a nice smooth texture. If the frosting is too thick it means there is not enough liquid in the mix. Just have fun with the recipe. Tweak it around and make it your oven. As long as you have the basics (butter,powdered sugar, and some flavoring) you really can’t go wrong. This recipe yields enough frosting to spoon on top of aprrox. a dozen cupcakes. If you are going to use a pastry bag make sure to double or triple the recipe. Start out with your test batch and then go from there.

~Happy Baking~



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