Sherlock & Animal Lovers Let’s Run for a Cause! Virtual Run

sherlock Medal

To sign up for the virtual run and get this awesome medal click link at bottom of post

In the past I have written about finding reasons to motivate you to work out and have also mentioned finding and participating in virtual runs. A virtual run is where you do your run whenever and wherever you feel most comfortable. You can do your distance all at once or break it apart into segments. It is a great way to “get your feet wet” if you want to start jogging and possibly eventually sign up for one in your area. My first official virtual run was for a Dr. Who 50th anniversary run and the proceeds went to an organization who provided service dogs to the Boston Marathon Victims. After this I was hooked and have tried to find different virtual runs where the funds went to making a difference. Well, this year after signing up for my second Doctor Who virtual run I found out about Christina Azaharian and a virtual run that she was heading up. What caught my attention at first was the fact that for participating you received a “FIREFLY” medal, one of my favorite TV shows of all time, but then I found out what the funds for the virtual run went to…it was to save the lives of these dogs called Galgos.

I am a self-proclaimed cat lover, but after reading the stories of the individual dogs  I had no choice but to sign up!(yes I was sobbing like crazy) I do not want to get graphic and I want to keep this light so  if you want more information on these dogs please click here. I signed up for my run, and then they announced the SHERLOCK run a few weeks later. Lets just say I am addicted! I once again read the stories, cried and cried, then signed up for this run as well. And that is what this article is  actually about…

The Sherlock Virtual Run is happening right now! There are 3 different distance that you can sign up for: 2.21 miles, 22.1K, or 22.1 miles. If you haven’t noticed the theme yet..221 is Sherlock’s address. Anyway each ribbon comes with its oven color the 2.21 miles is navy blue like his scarf, 22.1K is black, and 22.1 miles is gray. The medal itself is the picture up to with the Sherlock silhouette cut out, pretty cool huh! You can sign up for whichever distance you feel more comfortable with. Not only that you will have the confidence of knowing that not only will you get a customized racing bib and awesome medal,  but that 100% of the proceeds after costs are going to save the lives of these dogs! And again you can walk, jog, split up the distances etc you can even use a treadmill. Just track your distance and once you have completed it contact them and they will mail out your beautiful medal. If you sign up for their facebook page you will get updates on the progress the dogs are making!

Registration is $30 Sign Up Here

I really have nothing to do with this race and have nothing to gain if you register. It is just that these dogs have made their way in to my heart and I felt the need to share. Registration is limited so the earlier you sign up the better. Never in my life could I imagine that people could be so cruel to a living creature, but at least by doing these races I know that I am doing a tiny part to help.

~Happy Running~


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