Exercise of the week: Bicep Curl


This week’s exercise is the bicep curl. The muscle group that this targets is pretty obvious…it targets you biceps. Some women may hesitate to work with weights out of free that they will begin to look bulky like a man….this will not happen. For a woman to look bulky and crazy muscular like a man she would need to make an insane effort to do so or even use steroids to accomplish this. Why any female would want to like that I don’t know, either way unless that is your goal and you are using supplements you are safe. Including weights in to your workout is very important because it allows you to slim down, improve stamina, decrease fatigue, and the list goes on and on. So don’t shy away from the weights! This exercise is a great way to dip your toes into the world of strength training without feeling intimidated. Plus this is an easy exercise to do while you are watching your favorite TV show. You can use either individual dumbbells or a barbell.  When first starting always start with a lighter weight until you get comfortable with the exercise. I recommend starting with 5-10lbs, as always make sure to listen to your body. You should not feel like your biceps are pulling/tearing at your joints. Don’t hurt yourself start off slow. You can always slowly increase the weight you lift. So how do you do this exercise?

Stand with your feel shoulder width apart and make sure you do not lock your knees. Keep your abdominal muscles pulled in, and hold your weight with and under hand grip (your fist will be facing outward like in the pictures). Now curl the weights up to your chest like in the pictures above, making sure that your back is straight and that your abs are still tight. Return your weight back to starting position slowly, this is important because you want to control your lifting. You do not want to depend on momentum. That’s it! That is one rep. Easy enough right? If you are using the barbell and you find you are leaning back to do this, that means that you are lifting too much weight. A beginner should start off slow with 5-10lbs and 2 sets of 12. As you become more comfortable you can increase your weights and your reps.

~Happy Lifting~

Other Exercises:
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dumbbell squat thrust


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