Exercise of the week: Bent Over Row


This weeks exercise is the bent over row. This is another exercise that is simple yet effective and is also great for your abs. When I first started working out I was reluctant to use weights because I was terrified that I would get way too bulky. That was before I found out that no matter how much weight I lift I would never be able to bulky up like the guys in muscle magazines…thank goodness! Using weights is actually a great way to get lean muscle and get a higher calorie burn from your exercises. The bent over row is a good exercise to get your feel wet with using weights. Grab a pair of dumbbells (if you are just beginning start with 2-5lbs weights)  with an overhand grip with your hands. Your hands should be about shoulder-width apart just like in the picture. Make sure you bend at your hips and lower your torso at an almost 90 degree angle. Make sure your knees are bent and your lower back naturally arched, do not hunch your back. You should now look like (a). Now squeeze your shoulder blades together and pull the dumbbells up to the sides of your torso (b) as you do this make sure to flex your abdominal muscles.  Pause, then return to the starting position. That is one set. If you are just starting out try doing 2 sets of 10. If you are more advanced you can increase the weight from 5lbs to 10 lbs. Most importantly Listen to your body! You should not feel pain or an uncomfortable strain in your joints when you lift the weights. If you do try lowering the reps or the amount of the weight you used.

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  1. love bent over rows 🙂

    I do them with the bar and am up to about 35kg (about 77lbs) now 🙂 and I am not getting bulkier…I am losing weight 🙂 or size anyway…


    • That is awesome! Congrats. Yeah i love these because they really are a great way to target multiple areas. I think people hesitate using weights but like you said you don’t gain weight you lose size!


      • If I am heading into the free weights area all I do are bench presses, rows, overhead presses and squats…and sometimes dead lifts…it pretty much gets every muscle 😀


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