Exercise of the Week: Dumbell Squat thrust


This lovely little workout that you will hate me for…I mean love me for is the dumbbell squat thrust. I have also heard it called a burpee before, but this is a different variation of that same exercise. I remember doing these for the first time (no weights just doing one after another with a jump before the squat) and at first I was like “oh this isn’t bad” and then after the 10th one I was wondering what I have done wrong in my life to have this torture. Ok maybe I am being a bit dramatic but if you do this move right you will feel the burn so to speak. If you read to the bottom I will provide tips on making it easier or harder. This exercise is a wonderful addition to any workout.  You start off standing with your feet shoulder width apart and if you like a dumbbell in hand (5lbs is a good starting point). You will look like position A.  Next you will push your hips back and lower as deep as you can into a squat, you will look like B. Then place the weights on the floor (like C) and kick your legs back into push up position like in D.  You are almost done I swear! Kick your legs back to the squat position. Stand up. That’s 1 rep. Sounds complicated but it really is not. In essence you are standing, doing a squat, reaching the floor and getting in push up position, return to squat position, and standing back up. To get the best results out of this workout you must do this as quickly as you can and only pause for a few seconds between reps. 5-10 reps is a good starting place. By the end of this month I will create a dumbbell squat thrust challenge that we can all be tortured with together!

Make it easier: Do not use the weights. Once you get proper form and become used to this you can add 2-5 lbs and gradually increase the weight.

Make it harder: You can add a jump prior to getting down into squat position, this will help to get a more effective squat. You can also add a push up once you get down into push up position. Both of these will intensify this move. Slowly work your way into adding both of these adaptations into this movement.


About Eunice

I like to joke that I am "a well of useless information" but for once I can share that information with people that might want to listen. I love trying new things and now I have an audience to share it with...hopefully. I hope you enjoy what you read :)

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  1. it is my understanding that the burpee is without dumbbells and with a jump in the standing bit and the squat thrust bit is the bit where you take you legs back to plank and forward to near your hands without standing.

    but…whatever the naming / semantics of it…it is an extremely beneficial exercise…which is also awful but I actually almost like it!


    • You are right the burpee is without weights and also has the jump prior to the squat and the added push up. I like to joke about how much I hate it, and I do lol but like you said it is extremely beneficial. I find that the exercises you dread doing are the ones that are the best for you to do. It might be annoying when you are doing them but you feel awesome after you are done!


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