Happy 2014! Workout Resolution? Start Here :)


It is officially the first day of 2014 and the first chance you have at starting your new exercise routine! It seems to me that most people choose losing weight or going to the gym as their “resolution”. If you decided to make exercising your resolution congrats! You have made the first step toward being fit, getting the body shape you want, and having a healthier life. The hard part is deciding how you want to get started. There are tons of options: gym membership, fitness classes, workout videos, home equipment, you name it and you can pretty much do it. If you are like me getting a gym membership is a bit much. I barely have time to brush my hair in the morning before running out the door (just kidding…or am I? ūüôā )! I work full time and go to school fulltime, driving to the local gym and spending money to use their equipment is just not going to happen!

Not only that, but I am a huge spaz and prefer to not have random strangers see how clumsy I really am. So I have my small weights at home, workout¬†videos, and the small exercise plan that I use as my “minimum set”. In other words I have a chart¬†of exercises that I do no matter how busy I am.¬†As long as I manage to squeeze these exercises in I am happy. These are by no means the only ones I do but it is great to have a minimum. I live by the mantra 15 minutes of exercise is better than no minutes and this chart makes sure that I get at the minimum my 15 minutes.

If you are just starting out this chart (chart below)¬†can help get you moving along the right path. The exercises are very basic but effective.¬†I have gone over the exercises in the “exercise of the week” section of my blog incase you were unfamiliar with how to do them properly. Now as a beginner doing 100 of anything can seem overwhelming so feel free to cut the number in half. The chart also has built in “rest” days for each exercise so that you do not over work your muscles. If you notice it also has a section for your “reward” at the end of the week. What better way to make sure you keep up the good work? Make a promise to yourself on how many days that week you will work out (such as 4 days for beginners) and write it in the box, then also write what rewards you will give yourself if you accomplish it. Do this in the beginning of the month so that you can see what you are going to earn. I like to make each reward better each week just to give myself the motivation to keep going. When you turn exercise into something positive you stop dreading it and start to love it. So give it a try. The only thing you have to lose is the old you.

Make it easier:   Push ups- try them on your knees.
Squats and jumping jacks- cut the number in half .
Make it harder: You are a glutton for punishment but if harder is what you want…
Squats- hold a 5-10lbs weight in your hands while you perform these for maximum effect.
Sit ups- Hold a 5-10lbs weight on your chest to give you added resistance.
Push Ups- put your hands double shoulder width apart for an added challenge
Extra Bonus: My resolution: to post more on my blog, be more consistent with it, and provide my readers with more delicious recipes, exercise tips, and add some zen to your day.
January2014 schedule

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