Exercise of the Week: Jumping Jacks



Jumping Jacks

This little exercise gives you a full body workout without requiring any equipment. This exercise involves a lot of energy and movement, and it involves your back, calves, shoulders, and thighs. This exercise is wonderful as a warm up and is a great aerobic exercise. Jumping jacks are wonderful for losing weight because they burn calories and fat faster than most exercises.  To do this move start off with your hands at your sides. Then as you jump up spread your legs and raise your hands over your head. Continue to do these for a set number or for a couple of minutes at a time. I once heard that if you did 7000 jumping jacks that would equal one pound l;ost…yeah I don’t think it could be humanly possible for me to do that many in one session or anyone else for that matter. Doing 100 without stopping  is usually my goal. If you are just starting to workout try beginning with 30-40 at one time. These are perfect for quick workouts between commercials.

When I was in Basic Training our drill sergents loved to have us do some jumping jacks, then have us jump down and do push ups, then jump up and continue our jumping jacks. They would torture us that way for what felt like hours. This might be why I dislike doing them, but still everynight before bed I make sure to crank out atleast 100.

Warning it is very important to use correct form when doing these because it is easy to injure yourself. As always I recommend listening to your body. This exercise does put a lot of impact on your knees so I do not recommend it for individuals with knee problems. It is a great exercise that you  can do at anytime without any equipment.

~Remember listen to your body~


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