Why Fitness and Cupcakes

Trying to figure out what to write a blog about seemed pretty daunting at first but the I realized the best thing to do is write about what makes me happy…Fitness and cupcakes. The two sound like they would be worlds apart but for me they are in perfect balance. Both are an important part of my life and frankly without them I would self destruct. Baking allows me to express my creativity and share my creations with the people I love. Working out provides me and escape and it just makes me feel good. My goal is to share my passion for fitness and cupcakes one post at a time. If you need a new recipe for a tasty dessert or need ideas or motivation to workout you came to the right place.



  1. ashleylaurend

    You are self-motivated, great quality to have! Are you apart of any fitness groups?


    • Not part of any groups. I just made the decision to change my lifestyle and have battled to keep my goals. Thats why i like to share my thoughts etc. maybe it can help motivate others too :)


      • ashleylaurend

        It’s important to have goals. Your biggest opponent is yourself. I am self motivated as well it should begin and end with you. Have you ever completed a beachbody challange?


      • ashleylaurend

        If you’re interested, you should check out my blog. I haven’t posted about beachbody because I’m still learning myself. I think you will really like it as well. comment on my blog or email me at ashleyldavis1@aol.com


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